Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scented Candle Sale!

As my candle company has introduced a "new label"
I want to clear out my inventory of the "old label".

Exclusive Clean-Burning Wax Formula

100% Bio-degradable

Cost delivered to your front door - $15

For a list of available fragrances, send an

email to:

Go Green - Burn Clean!


Monday, March 2, 2009

My View On Candle Burning

First of all, I love burning scented candles. I have even made my own with fragrances
I prefer but once I tried the candles that follow, making my own was a thing of the past.

If you hate the black soot and smoke when you burn a scented candle, then you have found
the right place to be.

When I received my first order from I got really excited because I could smell the candle even before I opened the box. I sat my candle on the table for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed the scent even before I burned the candle.

When I finally lit the candle, I was amazed at the wonderful soft aroma and the way the candle burned so even! I couldn't wait to see how they cleaned up with soap and water, so I dipped some wax on the kitchen counter and was amazed at how easy it washed off. I kept the wicks trimmed and when that jar was burned to bottom, I couldn't believe I was still enjoying that wonderful aroma and that the jar was not black.

I removed the wax from the jar, took out the remainder of the wick and put the wax in a simmer pot to continue enjoying the wonderful aroma. ( Nothing gets thrown away. I even clean out the jars and take them to the local thrift store.) Not to mention the fact that I could burn these candles without getting headaches, as I have environmental allergies. I love candles, but was never able to really enjoy them - even when I made my own -until now. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I've have tried other "soy" and other alternative candles. The results are not the same. Most of the votives I've purchased start to crumble before I even get them home. The fragrance doesn't last to the end of the candle. And the aromas are not as soft and enjoyable.

It is my opinion that this candle is of the highest quality, best performing candle in the world.
The wax is a blend of all-natural renewable materials with approximately 10% fragrance.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do You Have A System?

Today, we will talk about needing a System in promoting your business.

You need a System that provides a good foundation for the long term. Just
forget about all the hype out there. Take if from me - IT DOES NOT WORK!

If you have a good business foundation to grow your business long term, you
will get where you are going. No matter if it is for extra income or more freedom
of time. It all works the same.

Check out to see what a good System is all about. It
won't cost anything to find out how this system works and see how you will be
supported throughout your business building project. You will receive free items
delivered to your door but that isn't all you will get out of this adventure.

Visit us today and get your System for business started.


Friday, August 22, 2008

MLM And Candles

I have tried many MLM programs without much success. They
included selling life changing pills and vitamins and a top
line of skin care.

One result of failing in MLM was that I started making scented
candles and bath and body items from scratch. Making your
own line of products can be very rewarding but it is also time
consuming and can be expensive if you figure in the raw materials,
time and advertising expenses. Say nothing about your time. I
found it to be a "labor of love" because after all is said and done,
you haven't made much money. On to the next step in my life
as a business person. :)

In my search to be my own person, I came across a number of
companies that were more than ready to take my money for very
little in return. I wanted to do business with a company that had
a wonderful product that everybody uses, had good support and
not least of all was affordable to set up and operate.

My quest stopped when I found a candle company that has a
superior scented candle that is all veggie wax without a lead wick and
is affordable for anyone who loves a scented candle. They burn cooler
but are very fragrant. I had a complaint that they are too fragrant!
I never thought of them that way, just the right amount of
fragrance to the bottom of the 16oz. jar was my observation.

The only draw-back I have found is that you cannot
place the jars in your melter because they are glass (not a crock)
and they have three wicks with metal tabs. But, you do get an even burn.

They also have a superior bar of soap that is second to none. This
bar can be used as shampoo as well as a body bar and it lasts
a full month! It cuts down on your body care expenses while you
enjoy this wonderful product. I like it better than the bars I make!

They also have all the other candle products such as melts,
votives and melters at very reasonable prices.

If you think this is a niche you would be interested in, go to the site
below and check it out. I thought this might interest you as a
business if you want to retail or have residual income or both. I
prefer both options and have done very well with this business.